Finally ready to commit


Hi Everyone,
I’m Angel (aka Bumblefkd), I have been hanging out here for quite some time and haphazardly started applying some No Surf techniques to my everyday. Black and white phone, moment app, blocked sites etc. I’ve known I’ve had a problem with the internet and phone use for a really long time, but every time I try a quit I go through crazy withdrawals or Fear of missing out symptoms and give up. It’s a lot tougher then just quiting and I am finally ready to admit that.

A little background - I am a stay at home/homeschooling mom of 2 and have been for about 5 years. I liked to think I was a research junkie but after reading The Shallows I really think I’m just addicted to the hyperlink. Part of my fear of missing out stems a lot from the craving for adult interaction during the day. I’ve started trying to remedy that with actually asking my friends to hang out and get together more. And not just for our kids to have social time.

I think a lot of my want to no surf is to set a better example for my kids. I am pretty tough on them when it comes to their tech use and I need to hold myself to the same standards.

My biggest goal for myself is to break up with my phone. I want to stop relying on it for boredom or anything really. YouTube and social media are my 2nd goal. Both of which I had my husband block from my phone. I have a love for makeup videos and some social media homeschool things I want to break up with.

Anyway I am rambling. Glad to have this space and rescorces to help me on my journey! I look forward to meeting everyone officially!


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Welcome Angel!

I can already see you have great self-awareness. This will serve you well moving forward. It’s good to know “Why” we behave the way we do while trying to change our behaviours.

I’m glad you’ve joined the club!


Welcome Angel!

I do agree with what you said about the need for social interaction.

I’ve found that connections to people digitally can “imitate” some of the feelings we get from real social interaction but they ultimately don’t fill the void that exists.

Usually when I step away from my phone I’m just left with the awareness that I’m using it to cover up the fact that my social life in the real world isn’t what it once was.

I think ultimately there has to be something physical involved for that too happen. I recently received a letter and despite me not knowing that person that well it felt much better in terms of “real social interaction” than if I had received a text or an email from that person.

I think getting to that awareness of wanting real, physical, and tangible interactions as well as taking steps in the that direction is a great point to get to. So it’s great that you want to cut down on your surfing and hanging out with your friends again.

It’s also really important to have some powerful emotion tied in. In this wanting to set a better example for your kids can be a strong driver for you to succeed. As well as the own personal rewards of having more social interaction to fill your days.

Anyways, welcome to our community and good luck for the future. :slight_smile: