Finally joined the forum!


Hi all,

I’m a thirty year old med student and new to this forum, but I’ve been looking into NoSurf for a few months now from a student’s perspective.

I’ll go ahead and post a journal to write a bit more about my current situation. It’s been very inspirational to read all your stories and I’m positive that change will happen.

Take care!


Hi WhiteTiger, welcome to the forum! I’m looking forward to reading your journal.


Welcome to the club!!!

It’s nice to meet you and I’m looking forward to reading your journal! I started NoSurf as a student too and it had a huge effect on my studying so I always really look forward to seeing how it impacts other student’s academic performance.

@meera is doing NoSurf as a student as well! Her goal is to get into med school so I guess shes like a younger min-version of you :rofl: