Documenting the journey


By January 1st of 2020, I am completely free. I am no longer mindlessly refreshing Facebook, email, and Instagram. No more binging Joe Rogan clips on YouTube when stressed or feeling lousy. Instead, I address the issues in my life right away and prioritize the most important tasks in my life. I am able to sit by myself without any external stimulus from my phone, computer, or TV. I can do things in quiet.

There are 6 main habits I want to build in 1+ year (takes about 66 days to build a habit): Clean up house daily, eat healthy, work-out daily for an hr, meditate for 20 min twice a day, do the examination of conscious (prayer) before I head to be every night, and sleep at 9PM every night (C.E.W.M.E.S).

I have tried multiple times in the past to stop procrastinating and instill new productive habits into myself, but have failed each time. After listening to the Matt D’Avella’s interview with Nate Green, I learned that the best way to go about successfully creating new habits is to take a long-term view and shrink the metric of success to something laughably easy and once I am consistent, then increase the metric of success. For example, if I wanted to go to the gym 7x a week for 1 hour, I might start out by simply going to the gym 1x a week for 10 minutes until I am consistent.

So I am going to try this method and see what happens. The first habit I want to build is to be able to clean my house everyday, which includes my room, kitchen, and living room. I am going to start by simply cleaning my room everyday when I wake up.


10/15/18 Day 1 - Cleaned my room


Hello and welcome to the community Giraffe :] I congratulate you on cleaning your room— it’s hard enough as humans with thumbs, I can only imagine what it’s like for those lacking them!

Keep up the progress! :slight_smile:


I like your long-term view on things and this different approach then normal 30-day challenges.

Have you considered cleaning your house before you go to bed, perhaps after dinner. This will be an activity without any devices or other distractions and it helps you calm down (at least it does for me) and it aids in falling asleep sooner. Besides, waking up in an already clean environment helps to frame it as a new, clean start of the day in which you can achieve many great things.

Looking forward to any new updates in this journal!


Good suggestion! I’lll do that too.


10/16/18 - Cleaned my room


10/17/18 - cleaned my room


10/18/18 - cleaned my room


10/19/18 - cleaned room


10/20/18 - cleaned my room
Tomorrow, I am planning to add two new habits, which are eating healthy food and working out (calisthenics).


cleaned my room

had overnight oats

cooked stir fried noodles with vegetables (forgot to take pic)


cleaned my room

had overnight oats and cooked stir fried noodles today (forgot to take pic for both)


cleaned room

cooked breakfast & lunch


cleaned room

(didnt cook breakfast or lunch)


cleaned room

cooked breakfast
worked out
didnt cook lunch


cleaned room


Although some would say this is a very boring journal, I have to say that this is definitely one of my favourite ones here! Small wins proceed big wins always. I’m excited to see when you will be in a few months :smile:


How’s the cleaning going these last few days?