Disconnecting from the internet for a few days


I’m turning 25 this week. This has made me oddly reflective. I’ve decided that I want to take some time completely off the internet so I can just think and introspect. I want to spend the week with my friends and family and take some hikes enjoying the beautiful scenery of New York.

Autumn is in full force here and it’s beautiful outside. I never noticed the leaves changing when I was younger but now I do. I now realize that Autumn is the most beautiful season of all.

When the cold forces me to come indoors I will spend my time reading the last book in the Lord Of The Rings Series (The Return Of The King) and the third book in the Game of Thrones Series (A Storm Of Swords).

I’m also going to listen to some of my favorite songs:

I’ll update this thread when I’m back (November 11th).


Happy birthday! This is the best gift you could give yourself :slight_smile:


Great taste in music! I didn’t recognize the second song by the title, but it was very familiar, since I heard it quite a few times in some Spotify playlists.


Happy birthday! I love Einaudi too… I discovered him a few years ago and he’s my go-to for piano music.


Thanks guys :slightly_smiling_face:.

I had a lot of thoughts over the last few days. I’ll type them up and share later this week.