Disconnect December


Do you even remember who you are?

What you like? Or is your self esteem based on the comments on your post, your mood on the number of likes? When was the last time you actually engaged with yourself? When you weren’t scrolling through endless memes and irrelevant news you did not ask for? Does this seem too long for you to read? Does your brain hurt from too much reading and concentration? Do you suffer from a lack of time and uninterrupted procrastination, not able to start that very important task?

Do you even remember who you are?

Do you chat endlessly but cant maintain eye contact? Is your sleep cycle an utter mess? Are you too tired and sleepy yet find yourself streching your eyes under excruciating work timing at 3am, surfing until they can no longer hold? Do you think none of these are of any consequence? Or you don’t want to think about it? Does thinking about something deeply almost feels like an exercise?

Do you even remember who you are?

Do you remember the last non- internet related hobby you completed? Does real life seem too boring? Is it you cant help yourself but check your phone? Do you uninstall instagram only to reinstall? Do you want to get out? Do you want to breathe? Do you want to converse with others?

Do you want to remember? Do you want to rediscover?

Pledge yourself to disconnect december. To deep reading and to genuine laughter. To a morning walk and a painting worked sincerely on. To cooking and to sports. Its only a month. You have spend many looking down, look up for one. Its never easy if you are alone, its never difficult together.


I think I’m ready to start now rather than waiting until December.

I live alone and find myself using my computer far too often to mindlessly browse. I definitely think that my ability to truly concentrate has diminished to almost zero, but not quite. I can still get myself in a good zone from time to time, but it’s much more difficult for me to get lost in thought to really think through a problem. I feel like my browsing habit has taken a toll on my memory as well – I used to seemingly remember things I had read or heard verbatim, but now I often have difficulties remembering some things at all.

I tend to think shallowly about something for a few seconds before giving it up and moving on.

I may still check in on this community, but it will be with purpose and not part of a mindless loop of checking my favorite places for new activity. I’m definitely a passive user of the Internet, so much of my time has been scrolling and skimming, and hardly any time has been spent contemplating and responding. I think it’s time to make a change.