Creating A Digital Wellness Blog List


Hi everyone,

I run a self-improvement blog ( with a big focus on digital wellness. I am looking to create a list of blogs that are have a big focus on:

  • Mindful technology use
  • Digital Wellness
  • No-surfing

Topics like that. If you have a blog please leave a link to it or send me an email at if you want me to link to it.




Thanks @Anthymn! I will include all those links!


I also found this blogger in the ecosystem. Their latest post is “Our Social Responsibility to Fight Smartphone Devolution: A White Paper”. They talk about digital wellness fairly often.

On average not many people talk about this issue that often since so many other topics get so much more attention.

I found a few dead blogs too: (1) (2). I think they caught the wave a little too early that’s all.