"Create or Die: Did Social Media Kill Fun?" (Video)


Here’s an interesting video on social media and hobbies:


This was really, really good, I think everyone should watch this if they get a chance. The title was a bit misleading and led me to think it was another generic video on how people just spend time on social media instead of doing hobbies but it’s about how all hobbies have been incentivized through social media to be seen as inherently productive or profitable in some sense.


I was going to watch it for the second time, to get more information out of it, and paused it in the beginning and came here to post it. I made it kinda in a hurry because I wanted to finish watching (again) before my evening routine, that starts at 20h, so I dind’t really give a lot of information. I’ll edit the title now that I’ve got time

The video indeed is good. And the other one about the death of youtubers (not actual death but rather the end of it) is also great, and that’s what got me to go back to her channel this weekend and those two videos got me to start using my YouTube account again. This kind of content is interesting and makes me think about things, I like it.


Thanks for sharing the link here. I’m quite impressed by the quality of the video! (Writing this after four minutes of watching and will continue with the rest now)