Colibri: A tabless web browser


Thought id share a piece of software I am currently using. It is a tabless browser! It is really helping me focus on the one page.

Let me know what you think



Wow thanks for sharing!! I used an extension called TabZolo for a while on Chrome but haven’t been able to find a replacement since I switched to firefox.

I will preemptively declare this the official browser of NoSurf!

Also, just curious how did you find out about it?


I just searched on google tab-less browsers. I saw an article or a thread about the “good old days” of tab less browsing experience.

You have to sign up for a account. So that is the only hiccup about it but it has lots of viewing space and I feel less overwhelmed using it. Would do good with a reader mode on it though


I’ve been trying it out a bit and it looks nice! You can also enable adblocker in the settings in case anyone wondered.


Amazing! Thank you for the tip!

Edit: Sorry, I have to add this:


Thanks! That helps


Technically, for firefox it is possible to disable the UI through userchrome? then it is a matter of limiting tab number by other extension.


Thanks for sharing this, it is exactly what I have been looking for as a default browser, when I open links from my e-mail and only go to that hyperlink and don’t get sucked into the vortex that is online webbrowsing.

If I can return the favor, Firefox Focus on Android has been great for this usecase as well.


Sadly I don’t think this will work for me as Cold Turkey relies on firefox/chrome extension. I’ll still give it a try though, I just got the download link in my email.


I use Cold Turkey as well, and luckily Colibri doesn’t automatically shutdown, like the Edge browser does, since it is not support by any extension. With a single tab I find it a good first try into a non-blocked browser to build healthy internet habits. For now, I’ll use the browser as a means to solely visit this website and see how that goes.


Wow awesome share regarding Firefox Focus! So cool to see that there are both desktop (Colibri) and Mobile (Firefox Focus) options available for single tab browsing. I had no idea software like this existed.

Did you find it difficult to get used to single tab browsers?


I do think it nudges me in the right direction and I have less of a tendency to open very many tabs as I used to do. Especially, related to opening many different reddit threads for me to read through in one sitting. The upside it now has, is that I use that website a little less and when I do, it’s more with a single purpose behind it.

So I don’t see overnight drastic changes, but I feel it’s easier and easier to just go on the web for a shorter period of time and I am less sucked into the wormhole, so to speak.


Is Cold Turkey the only way to block websites on Colibri? I just switched to it from Firefox after seeing that yesterday I had like 30 tabs open, so I wanted it to be more organized.


Because I didn’t see anyone post a link to download it, here it is. You have to send them an email to get the file, though.

I used Colibri a few months ago, and to me, the possibility to have several windows of Colibri defeated the whole purpose. But it’s still a better alternative to, say, Firefox or Chrome for mindful browsing.