Closure to addiction


Hey again. You may remember me from my short lived stint on here from May until October of this year. (As Dodgeviper)

I think it’s safe to say that I have overcome my addiction to the internet. I no longer feel the urge now to spend endless hours on it, all addictive sites that I used to frequent have been purged from my thoughts.

In an unusual twist, getting a smartphone has aided me in getting out of the house a whole lot more and I’ve found a way to keep it completely secure now so anytime I do feel the need to go online it’s only for things that matter to me or to my immediate surroundings (hobbies and so on) If I do feel like I’m on too long I simply time block it for as long as required. I barely use my PC anymore either;

It hasn’t been a miraculous recovery, I’ll say that now. Getting back into reading books like I used to has been a bit of a chore occasionally. It’s a simple matter of training my brain back into it, but i will get there eventually.

Currently in the process of making some positive life changes in 2019 that will greatly benefit me in the near future. I just wanted to leave something behind to show that you can find your way out of the rut of mindless browsing eventually.

Thanks again to the NoSurf team and I hope the rest of the community get peace of mind eventually too.


Hey there! Great to hear that you’ve managed to overcome your surfing habits! It’s pretty interesting that your smartphone has aided you in your road to recovery but that just goes to show you that everybody’s path to a better life is different.

Best of luck for your future :grinning: