Christian Accountability Partner


Age Range: 15-Early twenties-ish.
Occupation: High School Student
Long Term Goals: To have the motivation to pursue the hobbies that I actually enjoy and bring me fulfillment instead of mindlessly browsing. To be myself instead of a slave to the internet.
Why: To support each other, share progress and failures, give tips etc
Preferred Contact: Forum PM

(posted on r/nosurf)

I feel that having someone to work with would be helpful. Also, for some reason, posting things about personal progress/slip-ups to the whole subreddit feels a little intimidating.

Anyway, not to be a picky person, but I would prefer if that person was a Christian (so we could give each other some faith-based nosurf inspiration) and a teenager/high schooler. I am both of those things and I feel we would be able to relate more.



I am 23. New christian.

Let me know if your still interested


Yes, still interested. Are forum PMs ok?


Yes of course. Send me the first one ill reply when I get to the library next