Center for Humane Technology


I find this website interesting, so I decided to share here:


Thanks for sharing this @enrrari, I’m going to make a guide thread for new members this week and will add this to the recommended resources.


Am I wrong for being a little bit cynical in saying that all these big businesses got big by keeping people addicted, so it’s only up to us to not be so addicted to these devices? 'Cus why would they care if we’re addicted and destroying our lives if it gives them more money?


Well, they can help. It’s not like they will make things totally addiction proof, but if they do something, it helps.

“RACE TO THE TOP. Apple, Google, Instagram, and Facebook have all launched “time management” features that reference our Time Well Spent campaign. (…) It’s a baby step in the right direction”

This I can’t really answer. Maybe they see in it some way of getting users and making money. So they don’t look like the bad guys but rather as good companies who realised they were doing something wrong and are trying to fix it


Yeah I agree that it’s a step in the right direction but on the lines with what @teenagedreaming it’s best to look at this with the cynical eye.

Tech companies are very afraid of being regulated and also afraid of losing their positive public images. Two things that are currently to close to occurring for them to feel comfortable.

With the tobacco industry and the fast food industry there has been a lot of government intervention which definitely isn’t good for profits.

Likewise the executives and CEOs are o longer viewed as high status members of society and rather as people performing distasteful things just for the money.

So the “digital wellness” initiatives were just a race to paint the companies in a positive light.

But notice that many of the initiatives are fairly week. A lot of them are hidden away in the settings of apps and websites and most users have no idea they even exist.


That’s basically what I meant with

They trying to clean their image and look like the good guys, like they cared. I’m by no means defending the companies. Totally agree with you all