Anyone have a list of basic phones without internet?


Hey dudes and dudettes.

I was looking up some basic flip phones because I plan to swap out my smartphone with one of those things just so I could stop surfing. But then I read that the LG B470, the phone I had been planning to buy to be a nosurfer, had a dreaded internet browser. And it was the only flip phone I found at Best Buy. It seems as though phones without internet browsers is a thing of the past.

Does anyone know about any other browser-free phones? If I switch out my smartphone for just another phone with internet that would just be a waste of money.


Hey TeenageDreaming!

The ZTE223 is the one I have used. It does have a browser, but the load times are extremely slow on a 3G network plus it such a small screen you could only see like three words on the screen if you browse. Images, videos, and javascript doesn’t load so it’s just basic html that loads. Hope this helps.



I did a comparison between that and the LG-B470. The phones are actually pretty similar and rivals. They even look similar. So the idea that the internet browser on it being complete crap wouldn’t actually be far off. I actually find it the most relieving that images and videos don’t load at all, as that’s what I seem to struggle with the most when it comes to nosurfing. You probably know why. Thanks for letting me know.

(P.S 11/17/2018 - I’m still kinda salty that flip phones need an internet browser in order to stay relevant. What happened to the ones with no internet at all? I guess for emergencies.)