Any accountability partners out there?


Hi! I’ve been thinking for a while that getting an accountability partner would help me tremendously with my addictions, so it’s finally time. I’m 19, Male, living in Israel, so +3 GMT or something near it would be perfect.

My hobbies are mainly music (a mad Queen fan here), a little bit of anime and movies, and I don’t even know what else to write… We’ll figure out :roll_eyes:

Your age range: 18-25, altough it’s not strict by any means.
Your Occupation: Second-year electronics engineer
Your Long-term goals:

  • Hoping that talking to someone on the net will help me become more social.
  • Getting better at piano, starting learning music in general agian.
  • Stop visiting all those sites I regularly check, breaking surf and gaming addictions.

Why you want an accountability partner: I hope he/she will help me to be distracted less on the Internet, since I could talk to them instead of browsing mindlessly.
Preferred method of contact: E-mail, Whatsapp or Telegram. Doesn’t matter that much.


Are you still looking for an accountability partner?