An interesting video


Here’s an interesting video I found some days ago and I kept forgetting to share it here:

“Catching people on their phones is incredibly easy as you can imagine, but sticking around long enough to find moments where there were consequences to these actions — that was the hardest part. In fact, my original goal was to get reactions of loved ones bothered by this behavior, but I wasn’t able to. People have become complacent to phone obsession.”
Tyler Johnson

It’s not a spoken video, it’s just visual. If you want to know more about the video, here’s a link:


New rule for myself:

Never use my phone while I’m with another person.

(I already abide by this rule but this video reminds me to be really strict about it)

It’s not just for respecting the people I’m with, I would like to avoid having posture as awful as some of the people in this video. Some of these people resemble flamingos.


I fully agree with this statement. It’s something I am already doing, but I find that on occasions I need to schedule a few things. In that case it would be better to excuse myself, do the things on the phone in another room and once I am done, I can give all my attention to whatever is happening at that moment. It forces you to single-task instead of trying to sneak in some multi-tasking here and there.


I have a class on responsible media use and an exam on Friday will actually be about some NoSurf topics (smartphone distraction traps, media concepts, etc) and we watched this video in class:


Interesting video

I didn’t know there was such thing as “responsible media use” class. People need this