Action Day: Turn Off Your Phone Tuesday


Hey NoSurfers,

Today is Turn Off Your Phone Tuesday!

The goal of Turn Off Your Phone Tuesday is to decondition the knee jerk reaction of checking your phone every 5 minutes.

Your phone doesn’t need to remain off all day. You can certainly check it periodically for missed calls and messages. Just turn it right back off after you are done. Needing to turn on your phone and wait for it to boot up each time you want to look at something decreases the ease at which you can access things on your phone. This will hopefully be enough of an impedance to prevent you from wanting to check your phone.

This is a challenge that I will certainly struggle with as I am heavily addicted to my phone but I will give it a shot and see what happens. To compensate for the lack of a phone, I will keep Slack open on my laptop at work so that if my coworkers need to reach me they still can.

Good luck! Hopefully this is an actionable step that you will find helpful to decrease mindless technology use.

  • SVD


If you’re addicted to your phone, assuming you have an iPhone. All you really need to do is delete any internet browsers, social media, or games and you’re pretty much golden. After that just don’t put those things back up. Because once you get rid of all the “addictive” elements it’s just a phone, that’s it.


I actually don’t have any social media on my phone anymore and really only one game, most of my time spent on my phone is spent texting friends or people I work with which is hard to give up