Action Day: Social Media Purge Sunday


Hey NoSurfers,

I just wanted to float the idea of Action Days around the community. These Action Days will be centered around a single goal to help you reduce your mindless use of the internet and/or cellphones.

I was thinking Sundays could be “Social Media Purge Sundays”. Everyone with a social media account has at least a few embarrassing or unflattering photo of them online or a cringe-worthy comment they’ve made in the past and no longer agree with. I challenge you to go through your social media account and remove, un-tag and delete from your profile. See if you can reduce the number of photos of you online by half.

I bet you also have some friends online who are constantly popping up in your news feed with all sorts of madness and you are ever so curious about what this person is up to. I encourage you to banish that person from your news feed. In reality, you were probably never going to engage with them again. Try to reduce your news feed to only your closest friends and family that you keep in touch with regularly.

Finally, please turn off notifications on your phone (or better yet, delete the phone app)!

I certainly understand sentimental goofy and unflattering photos and I encourage you download them and save them locally or on cloud storage for safety. The idea of this Action Day is to decrease that feeling of attachment you have to your social media profile.

These are the steps I took to reduce my dependency on Facebook before I ultimately worked up enough courage to delete my account.

I wish you luck, please share your thoughts and successes!


P.S. Please let me know if you have a better name.
P.P.S. I hope you all are looking forward to the next action day, Turn Off Your Phone Tuesday.
P.P.P.S. Sorry the post is so late in the day. Feel free to continue celebrating Social Media Purge Sunday into Monday. Other than that, try to stay off social media :wink:


This is actually a great idea and will help those who haven’t already quit social media make the decision to do so.

One of the reasons Facebook and other social media sites are always asking you to add friends or upload photos is it creates the “investment” effect. The more friends you have the more photos you have the harder it is for you to walk away from their apps. It’s a bit like if you’ve been living in a home for 10 years and it’s full of furniture and family photos, it’s a lot harder for you to walk away from it.

So you can apply the philosophy of minimalism to your social media to reduce the investment effect. Go through your friends list and start to unfriend people that you don’t really need to be connected to. Start going through your old photos and untagging or deleting them to minimize your investment in facebook or instagram.


Hey NoSurfers,

It’s Sunday again, time to reduce your presence on Social Media and decrease the investment effect!

Some goals you can set for yourself to decrease usage of social media are:

  • Un-tag yourself from and delete pictures (Feel free to download and save them though)
  • Delete old posts and comments
  • Remove people from your news feed
  • Unfriend people you no longer talk to
  • Turn off notifications on the phone app
  • Delete the phone app

Good luck! I hope this helps you reduce your attraction to social media.