Action Day: Friends and Family Friday


Hey NoSurfers,

I’m back with another action day, Friends and Family Friday.

Friday is traditionally a wonderful day; the work week has ended and people are looking forward to some recreation over the weekend. What better way to kick the weekend off than to spend it with friends and family (or pets)!?

Contact some friends or family members and see if they want to have a game night or maybe go grab dinner, bowling, ice skating, go to a trampoline park, driving range, go karting, laser tag, escape from the room game etc, etc.

If you’re like me and dont have any close friends in your immediate area, try asking a coworker or classmate if they want to do something with you. Most people would love to have another friend to do things with.

If you have a pet you could also spend some extra time with your furry friend! However, I would strongly suggest trying to find a human to spend your time with.

I find spending time with other people is the number one deterrent that stops me from spending time on my phone or laptop.

Please share your Friends and Family Friday success to inspire other NoSurfers!

Good luck everyone! Happy Friday!


P.S. If anyone has any other suggestions for no surf friendly activities please leave your ideas in the comments, I’d definitely appreciate it and I’m sure others will too!