About the Journals


I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who decided to make journals on here!
By now we have 50 journals here, each showing a unique journey.

When we at NoSurf think about journals, we think about a way to not only hold ourselves accountable, but also documenting our process for ourselves. It is a great way to see where we all started, what we have already tried, what worked and what didn’t. It is so valuable to motivate oneself to continue and to analyze what went wrong. When we feel like we are stagnating, we can read our journals and remember how far we have already come.

The thing that gets overlooked a lot is the fact that your journal isn’t only helping you, it is helping everyone here.
So many times, it feels like you’re alone in this, or the only one that is struggling or having a specific problem in your journey - but then you see all these other people forging their own path and offering solutions to your difficulties. You see their unique problems and successes. It is amazing and inspirational to see people overcoming roadblocks in their journey, seeing them succeed despite struggles in the beginning or throughout.

And this is what makes journals so special - the ability for new and old members alike to see different approaches and different starting points and circumstances still leading to the goal.
With your journals, you offer so many ways in which the goal of digital wellness can be approached, you put the ideas on here into practice and visualize them in actual, real life contexts. This makes it so much easier for people just beginning the transition into a healthier relationship with their devices, because each one of you shows them how that can be done.

This is why I hope none of you ever feel ashamed of where they started out, the relapse they’ve had, or the rut they’re currently in after a successful time. Please never feel like you have to hide or delete those negative sides or start a new journal to pretend you never struggled badly. We all didn’t drop from the sky with a perfectly healthy relationship to our devices and no craving for likes. It is a process, and it is human to fail. You humanize our ideals in a relatable way. The more people don’t hide their failures in their journals, the less shameful failure becomes. No one here is gonna judge you for your journey or recovery not being a straight line upward.
Just think about the people who are gonna read your journal with all the ups and downs, fails and wins, and see how far you’ve come and that they can do it too despite their own relapses. It belongs to the journey.

I hope you all continue to find out what works for you and what doesn’t, and to show us how it can be done. Digital wellness and awareness about internet or smartphone addiction is in its infancy, and you’re part of something new. Your stories help pave the way for a new consciousness about our interconnected world and its design choices.

Thank you :heart:

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Failure is awesome because it means that you are pushing up against your limits. The more you fail, the more you grow. Failure also means that you have actually set some kind of standard for yourself which is great!

Back in Dec 2017, I tried to go 24 hours without the internet and only made it through 3 of those 24 hours. At the time, it felt really bad to fail so horribly but looking back at it now, I can see that it actually was a very good learning experience. It showed me where my limits were so I could practice pushing up against them. It also introduced me to the great discomfort that comes along with spending time away from the internet. The more time you spend in this discomfort, the less uncomfortable it becomes.

My favourite people are those who have failed greatly and still continued on anyway. The more you fail at something, the more you have to offer to the world when you finally succeed.


This is very well-written and inspired me to start writing my own journal and include some of the beginning stages in which I recognized and have had to accept the problems I had with the internet (and still have to some extent, but use it more as a power for good than anything else).